the ultimate event destination

Host your event at Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam, the ultimate destination for unforgettable gatherings immersed in the electronic music culture. Located centrally, this iconic venue offers a raw, industrial ambiance, perfect for showcasing top techno, house, and electronic acts. With cutting-edge sound systems and mesmerizing light displays, your event will be an immersive sensory delight.

Join us in creating memories that resonate long after the music fades. Host your next event at Warehouse Elementenstraat and make it truly extraordinary.

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Plenty of parking space
3 available stage areas
Brands who used our location
15 mins by bike from Amsterdam central station
2 mins from A10
Amaze is a super versatile venue, they can accomodate your events in a very creative way."

- Jonne, PIV Records

24-hour permit
Limitless technological possibilities
Available space 1.500 m2
Capacity up to 2.500


‍AMAZE is an experience, an event location, a nightclub, and has a lounge, all based under the house of ID&T and licensed with a 24-hour permit. This makes our venue suitable for almost every type of event you can imagine, whether it's a business-to-business event or a massive club event. You can host these events at the Elementenstraat.

A selection of the upcoming events is listed below: